Tuesday, November 18, 2008

EXPERIENCE: The Brains Behind Salty

Triple Threat: Gossip Girl Headlights

Gossip Girl delivers more than fashionable drama. It also provides a lot of headband eye candy. Blair Waldorf sports a collection of the classic head statements in almost every episode. Lauded as the quintessential accessory since the show’s debut, Blair knows how to wear a variety of incarnations from the everyday headband, the trendy headband, to the high-society (every girl’s must-have) night headband. From satin to wire, bows to prints, Miss Waldorf’s head is always accessorized to a T. But non-fictionalized girls may struggle to replicate the power band. The Secret: Go to the real-life New York accessory designer Jennifer Behr, the fashionable talent behind many of Queen B’s signature headbands. She offers an array of stunning headpieces including the ones seen on the show. Visit her website: http://www.jenniferbehr.com/ Jennifer Behr headbands are also available at: Intermix, Saks, Barneys, and Bendels.

Whether scheming or playing innocent, it’s hard for even the most critical onlooker to tell in this simple little number. This adorable cream colored piece features two rosettes on a silk satin wrap. In addition to cream, it also comes in dusted lilac, royal purple, prussian, pewter and black. ($152).

Don’t skimp on the details. This bold flowered headband is as over-the-top as Miss Waldorf herself. A sculpted hand-pressed patent orchid floats right above the ear on a skinny headband. The patent petals are embossed with all the delicate details of orchid leaves. A real Waldorf never fails to blossom. ($198)
A girl who sparkles never forgets how to shine. Bedazzle your Chuck Bass with this Jennifer Behr Victorian Crystal piece. A cluster of Swarovski crystal, reminiscent of a diamond-loaded antique broach, sits on a silk satin headwrap, finished at the back with elastic.

D.I.Y.: Shred Baby Shred

This November it’s all about shred. Capitalize on this street-wear inspired look and transform any old tee from rags to riches.

The Essentials:
-A t-shirt,tank,etc.
-A seam ripper (optional, you could use a mechanical pencil or your fingers instead)
-A vivid imagination
-A lot of time

The Procedure:
1. Trim the hem off your shirt and stretch the raw edge to loosen the threads.

2. Using a seam ripper (pencil or fingers), begin to pull at the threads running horizontal to the hem of the garment. (Aside: Don't tear the threads, just pull them loose. You will see them unravel as you pull.) The first couple threads may break, but keep pulling until you have several threads loose.

3. Determine how wide you want your shredded section to be. Pull out a longer section of thread if you want a wider panel of shredded fabric. You can always create more panels later on.

4. Once you have several pulled threads, ditch the seam ripper and just use your fingers to pull on the thread and more should rip out. Some threads may break along the way. Not to worry. Just keep pulling.

5. Continue ripping until you reach the top of the garment or the height you desire. If you notice that the shredded panel of fabric tapers in as you go higher, backtrack and find where the thread is not pulled all the way across. Pick and pull at the spot until it comes undone and continue the pulling process.

6. Repeat and make multiple panels until you are satisfied.