Tuesday, November 25, 2008

TRIPLE THREAT: All That Glitters

As the snow falls and the light disappears, it’s easy for a girl to lose her twinkle. But take your inspiration from those lights adorning fraternity houses, sparkly wrapping paper that lines store shelves, and the way the snow reflects the smallest glimmer. You also can get your shine thanks to parade of sequins on this season’s holiday fashion. When planning your winter wardrobe, consider these glittery items that revive any dull winter wardrobe. These glistening pieces also provide an instant mood adjustment.

Consider these looks:

1)Chevron Sequins Top – Charlotte Russe; $20
2)Sequin Sprinkle Dress – Forever 21; $28
3)Silence & Noise Menswear Vest – Urban Outfitters; $78

4)Sequined Converse – Nordstrom; $82
5)Serena Mini – Delias; $38

HOW TO: Dark Nails Deconstructed

With the sunshine fading and everything turning dark for winter, your nails should be no exception. Keep these tips in mind when going dark for the Holidays.

1) Keep Them Short. Long dark nails scream wicked witch of the west. And since Halloween went bye-bye so trim them down to ¼ inch past the fingertip. This makes strong hues look modern.

2) Round Bound. I swear by square nails, and after much convincing, my manicurist talked me into rounding them out. After squirming in my chair as she clipped them short and added curves, I changed my nail preference. File nails into an oval shape or “squoval,” where you will maintain a slight edge, but nothing too drastic.

3) Take Your Time. Dark shades dry slower. Set aside about an hour to avoid a dark colored disaster.

4) Moisture Is A Must. Darker colors draw more attention to the imperfections so give those nail beds and cuticles lots of moisture — daily!

Some great colors to try:
Red: OPI - Bastille my Heart, $9
Purple: M.A.C. in Illegal Purple, $11
Brown: Revlon – Crushed Crimson, $5
Blue: Essie – St.Barths Blue, $ 7

HOW TO: Strictly Ballroom

“I dance in the biggest ones,” Danielle Rayzberg says, pointing the toe of her high heel toward me flirtatiously. Her over-the-taupe, strappy pumps are designed for Latin dance, but constructed in Italy. “The best of both worlds,” Rayzberg laughs.

She’s just come offstage as the closing ballroom dance number for the Syracuse University Residence Hall Association’s Diversity Banquet. She’s very post Cha-Cha: the lips are bright red, the jet-black hair is fastened by a rhinestone-encrusted headband that matches her rhinestone-encrusted push-up bustier. There’s also lots leopard print.

She’s barely caught her breath, but she’s about to leave her post as a 20-year-old Newhouse PR major to take the ballroom dance world by storm on her first trip to the nationals in Columbus, Ohio. Before she skips town, I must get my new muse to spill her three essentials items for a big night dancing on the town.

“Well, heels, of course,” she responds, kicking up those toes again. “The higher, the better because I’m short.” For the record, Rayzberg is completely va-va-voom: robust and voluptuous, something central casting would send to the set of an Almodovar film.

“Do they have to be heels I can afford?” she asks. How about the big screen, MGM musical version? “Christian Louboutin,” she replies instantly. Most folks know the Algerian shoe designer for his “Hello, lover” heel on Sex and the City, but Louboutin began his career designing for the showgirls populating Paris’ down-and-dirty Pigalle arrondisment so they’re a natural first choice. We like this purple patent named for Louboutin’s hometown less than $450 with shipping from Ebay.

Second item? “A good pair of false eyelashes,” Rayzberg replies. She doesn’t care what brand, as long as they "pop" from the stage. We quickly discuss the drag queen/Tammy Faye tip of gluing two pair together before adhering them to your lid. Rayzberg adds, “I pick up a lot of good ones around Halloween time.” We like MAC’s 37 lash, their most dramatic length, less than $20 with glue at maccosmetics.com.

Faster than you can say kiss me, guido, Rayzberg is onto her final item: “A really good fake tanner.” She details the arduous, three-day process of a hot fake tan. “You have to do it in layers,” she explains. Her tip for keeping it off your white-hot, Cha-Cha pants? “You have to let it dry completely,” she cautions, “I love Pro Tan. It’s what the body builders use.” We like Ultra Bronze, $10.95 for 8.5 ounces at performancebrands.com.