Saturday, December 6, 2008

SNAPS: Leopard and Layers

REVIEW: The Armory’s Asian Secret

Finding a store in Syracuse that offers unique jewelry pieces that hail from around the globe is about as easy as answering an essay question when you forgot to read the 400-page book. Consider this your accessory Cliff Notes. Tucked in a quaint ally off Walton Street, Way Off the Beaten Path is truly a gem in Syracuse.

Store owner and designer, Angelique Mango, draws upon her bohemian sense of style by showcasing printed silks, batiks, and jewelry with hand selected semi-precious stones like brownish yellow garnets and purple amethysts straight from Jaipur, India. Silk scarves adorn the store’s walls adding a colorful flair to the small room accented with multi-colored furniture. Printed fabrics range from bedding to clothing and the store also features hand selected scarves and pashminas in every color of the rainbow.

Mango says her travels around the world to places like India and Morocco serve as inspiration for what she offers in her store. Each jewelry piece is hand crafted and accented with silver so that no two items are alike. She carries jewelry items as cheap as $15, perfect for anyone’s budget.

Besides the exceptional selection of pieces, Mango also offers SU students a 10 percent discount off all purchases. Visit Way Off The Beaten Path at 136 Walton Street; 315.701.5950

LANDMARK LOOKS: Zipped Magazine Launch Party

Zipped Magazine Launch Party
Fall 2008 Issue
Some Girls Boutique
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A-LIST: The Best in Fashion Blogs

Salty provides you with the scoop on all things fashion, but sometimes you need more than one outlet to satisfy your fashion fix. We know the feeling. That’s why we compiled our own list of the best blog sites for industry news, resources, trend spotting, and designer insights. Consider this the Oscars for blogs. The Bloscars perhaps?

And the award goes to…

Best for insider scoop and fashion news: Fashionista
Aside from the site’s obviously fabulous name, Fashionista keeps us updated on all the latest gossip and news in the industry without making us feel like we’re doing work! The blog posts read like a fashionable best friend and the site’s glossary keeps us talking the talk about everything and everyone from Carine Roitfeld to Coco Rocha.

Best for trend spotting and celebrity style: WhoWhatWear
Shopping addicts beware—visiting this site will multiple your Christmas list in minutes. With all the cute eye candy, we can’t help our obsession with WWW. The blog site is run by two former editors of Elle magazine and is updated daily with recurring fashion feature stories like “Under $100,” “What Was She Wearing,” “MySpace Muses,” and “Girl of the Month.” Chock full of trend reports and celebrity style inspiration, WWW is a must for keeping current with the latest in chic.

Best for inspiration: This Is Glamorous
Never before have we seen so many beautiful things in one place! But okay, we cheated. The blog isn’t completely fashion—it’s part fashion photography, part interior design—but we promise the wrought-iron bedposts and antique oversized mirrors will inspire you just as much as Gemma Ward in a feathered headpiece. With breathtaking photography, This is Glamorous is like a slice of heaven, but the best part is, with beautiful style and design only a click away, there’s no reason to spend the cash and muscle power on those hefty European fashion mag editions! Your wallet and arms with thank you.

Best for global street style: The Sartorialist
You don’t have to book a ticket to Europe to find out what the most fashionable people around the world are wearing every day. The Sartorialist gives you the best in street style from the world’s fashion capitals: Paris, Milan, and New York. An instant hit, the blog spawned a monthly column for GQ and is frequently featured on Vogue’s website,

Best for laughs: Go Fug Yourself
What started as an inside joke between friends is now a fashion blog phenomenon and one of our guiltiest pleasures. “The Fug Girls” as they have become known, revel in the “fugliest” (origin: f*** + ugly) of celebrity style with photos of Bai Ling’s latest fashion misshap (usually occurring daily), and the worst of the worst in red-carpet moments. But the site’s real humor is not in the outfits themselves—it is in the commentary posted alongside the photos. You will laugh out loud. We promise.

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