Tuesday, December 16, 2008

REVIEW: A Definite Do!

Whether you’re a die-hard vice-ite or just in need of some comic relief from trend report overload, Vice Dos and Don'ts: 10 Years of VICE Magazine's Street Fashion Critiques, serves up the perfect cocktail of clever humor and catty commentary. Authors Gavin McInnes, Shane Smith, and Suroosh Alvi travel the world over to bring you some of the greatest fashion faux pas. Vice chronicles everything from lizard-body-tattoo man to disco grannies, and a few other groups of people you never knew existed (Glam Jocks?). Caustic, pee-your-pants-funny commentary punctuates each farcical photo with obscure pop-culture references (Terry Shivo?). While taking the Do column seriously may be a fashion offense, this paperback packs a punch leaving you with a feeling of superior style. When shopping for the fashionista with killer wit and a (very) open mind, Vice Dos and Don’t’s is a definite do!

EXPERIANCE: Haircut Confessions

If you met me three years ago, you would remember me by my hair. It was big, bushy, and brassy: a curly auburn mane that fell just below my shoulder blades. My hair earned compliments followed by caresses of my tresses, but I felt that I needed a hair change. Rather than go for a cute, angled shoulder cut, I decided to cut it all off. I envisioned a pixie cut similar to that of Michelle Williams or Audrey Hepburn.
While my decision remained firm, my hairdresser took some convincing. She called it “drastic” and pleaded with me to keep my mane. She almost swayed me, but I knew I needed a change. While I loved my hair, I felt it was all people saw when they looked at me. I also had sparkling hazel eyes, a milky complexion and oh yeah, a great personality. My hairdresser, Ji, pulled herself together and delivered a spectacular coif.

It felt odd to run my hand through my hair in one quick stroke. But it also felt liberating. My cut shouted: “I am still beautiful even without all my long locks.” It gave me confidence, made me more adventurous with my fashion and beauty, and prompted a domino of other changes. Blush became my new best friend because a shelf of hair no longer covered my cheeks. I indulged in frilly lace dress, a fashion statement that seemed like overkill with my former fairytale Rapunzel hair. Many girlfriends commented on how bold I was to cut off my hair, and some were so inspired they shed their hair too.
For anyone considering a new ‘do for this holiday season, I say go for it. Remember: Life is short, and hair grows. So why not try something new: A short pixie cut, an asymmetrical Rhianna bob, or even just a new hue. You’ll be surprised at what you find when you step out of your comfort zone.