Thursday, November 27, 2008

SNAPS: Standing Ovation

SU alumna Munyiva Munguti flaunts her personal style with bright pops of color and bold accessories at the Creations Dance Company's Annual Show.

HOW TO: Gifts That Keep On Ribbing

Mike Albo is fashion. The evidence: his day-off floppy hat of choice at left, his “Critical Shopper” column in The New York Times or the following from the “Ejaculations” section of “I don't change my clothes, I change yours.”

Albo’s comic novel, The Underminer, introduced the concept of the “frenemy.” The New York Times called it “passive aggression as an art form.” Albo subtitled his book: “The Best Friend Who Casually Destroys Your Life.” Without further ado, The Underminer is back to destroy your holidays with his top three insult gifts:

The Entire Biore Product Line
“Hey, I know you have this whole ‘rage against the machine’ scruffy look going on but sometimes poor hygiene is just masking a deeper pain. I just want you to know that you deserve love just like anyone else. I just worry about you.”

Renee Fleming Perfume
“We’ve all been saying how great and relieved we are that you have been wearing fragrance. But don’t get all crazy and soak yourself in cologne like you did with Drakkar in High School! Ha!”

Buttock Enhancers
“You look great! I didn't realize BCBG made velvet pants in a 14. Online orders, right? They look great on you! As a trend consultant for LVMH I have been so busy working on fashion concepts for 2011 that I almost forgot that you and other calendar-based consumers are only just now getting a look at the Fall 2008 season!”

photo credit: Blaise Allyson Kearsley

REVIEW: Olsen Fabulosity

Teen queens no more. Television, movies, accessories, clothing, and now a book. You name it, it resides on the Olsen’s resumes. Lately, their book, Influence, has been stealing the spotlight. But lets talk clothes.

The twins launched The Row in 2007. This line radiates simplicity but in the Olsen’s oh-so boho-chic manner. Knits make up much of the line with some leather and fur mixed in. If you still need a fabulous outfit for the holiday season, try the velvet Backless Gown in Fir (original price $1,500, sale price $899, The mermaid hem trailing across the floor provides the perfect drama for a Christmas Eve or New Years extravaganza. Paired with the lamb-shearling Tennebaum Coat, the gown becomes a luxurious scene-stealer (original price $3,750, sale price $2,249, But if you want to keep it casual this holiday season, The Row also features a number of more informal knits, such as the long-sleeved Crowneck Tee in Grey ($350, Worn with the super tight and sleek Davies Jean ($345,, even the most laid-back person looks sophisticated.

If you possess budget boundaries, but you still want to radiate Olsen fabulosity, don’t worry. Launched shortly after The Row, the Elizabeth and James line (named after the Olsen’s younger sister and older brother), features sportswear that incorporates both feminine and masculine details to create a unique look for slightly less. The Kimberly Silk Blouse in golden, features a tie-up neck and large bell sleeves ($275, Wear it with jeans or leggings and heels. Try the Aurora Dress in amethyst ($475, This extremely short pleated dress shows off those legs at any holiday party. Or opt for a fashion standard: the Pleated Pencil Skirt in ebony ($275, Whatever you decide, you can’t go wrong with an item the Olsen name.

HOW TO: Princess from the Past

They say fashion never fades. And, with the reemergence of looks from the Romantic Period in England that statement remains true. Lace, ruffles, bows, and puff sleeves soften an ensemble and transform your into a princess from the past in no time. Follow these steps to channel your inner Bronte.
1. Start with a top that boasts plenty of ruffles but also allows you to show off those great curves (Chiffon Ruffle Blouse in Black and Cream, $22.80,
2. Next up — that oh-so sleek high waist pencil skirt (Milano High Waist Pencil Skirt, $17.80,
3. Pick pumps that mimic the ruffles on your blouse (Ruffles Black Satin, original price $99.95, sale price $69.99,
4. Ramp up the style by adding a patent-leather clutch that adds chic elegance (Bflora Quilted Cork Clutch, $48,
5. Lastly, add a few wavy curls to your hair, some powder for porcelain-looking skin, and red lipstick and just watch the Heathcliff's line up.