Monday, December 15, 2008

OBSESSION: The BeneFit of Glamour

As a mature 12-year-old, I skipped over CoverGirl and went straight to BeneFit. The San Francisco based company was my favorite babysitting-money splurge, and it’s stuck with me throughout the years. Not only did I buy the sparkly eye shadows and lip gloss, I frequently bought products for fixing under-eye circles I didn’t have, lip plumper I didn’t need, and cake eyeliner that I never wore. Those years of research paid off, and I consider myself the unofficial, number-one tester for BeneFit products. Here are my favorites, some new and some old:

1. Dr. Feelgood ($28 This product has a lemony zing and goes on clear. It’s meant to give you a smooth palate to work with when putting on foundation or bronzer and the rest of your makeup. Think airbrush in a tin. Of course, in middle school I didn’t need to worry about fine lines or large pores, but today I use it under my bronzer every time.

2. Some Kind-A Gorgeous ($28 My roommate introduced this newer product to me last Christmas. I’ve never been one for heavy makeup so this silky, smooth faux foundation offers just a bit of coverage. It comes in two shades, but it is so translucent that it matches just about any skin tone. It’s also great to cover a red blemish or for under-eye circles.

3. That Gal ($28 During my internship this summer, I got a peek at the Allure magazine beauty closet and got to keep this product. It became an instant favorite, especially in summertime when I wear less makeup. The bottom half clicks, and the pink shimmer product comes out the top. Swipe on places where the sun hits your face i.e. cheek bones, forehead, chin. Rub in for a simple glow.

4. Brow Zings ($30 I never listened to my mother when she talked to me about my eyebrows. She always said they were too thin. Now I realize that the ‘80s Madonna unibrow may be better than underwhelming wisps. This product fills in brows to make them look as full and as fleshed out as your heart desires. It comes with a little set of tweezers to help you achieve the perfect arch.

5.Kitten ($26 I literally was obsessed with this glitter-lovers product. I originally bought it because it reminded me of something you’d find on a movie star’s vanity, but ended up loving it. The classic kitten contains champaign glitter dust inside the pink poof. There are two other editions: Kitten goes to Paris and Kitten Shops NYC with silver and copper glitter respectively. It offers a subtle glow to chest, shoulders or back for a night on the town.

STREET STYLE: Playful Vintage

If senior PR major Katie Spoletti would switch closets with me, I’d gladly do so. She can spot a jewel in a sea of sand. She’s also the type that can get away with wearing practically anything. Put her in a vintage shop and it’s like a kid in a candy shop. Here’s a look that works for her:

Favorite piece: My sweater. I got it at a vintage shop in San Diego. I like it because it’s one of a kind.
Fashion icon: Sienna Miller
Trend you love to hate: The Syracuse trend of the plastic claw clip holding your pony tail. It looks tacky and cheap.

OBSESSION: Cocoa Butter Swivel Stick

In my bag you will find four things: my wallet, my house keys, my cell phone, and my swivel stick. Yes, it looks like a glue stick. And yes, it’s not very pretty. No matter. I cannot leave the house without this. I’m not one to carry makeup around in my bag for touch ups, and lip gloss drives me crazy when the wind blows and my hair gets stuck in the mess. Palmer’s is creamier than a normal chapstick and double the size (so you get more moisture for your money). It has a slightly sweet scent but without the taste so it works for both men and women. If you’re a girl who likes her color, this works as a moisturizing base for lipstick.

Cocoa butter is an extract from cocoa-tree beans and acts as a universal smoothing product. According to Palmer’s website, it remains solid at room temperature and melts at body temperature. One hint: perhaps because of its lackluster packaging, all of Palmer’s products reside on the bottom shelf at drugstores. ($3.29)

SNAPS: Happening in Houndstooth

Junior communications design major Kelsey Liss takes some time to work on final projects in Bird Library donning her red and white houndstooth coat.

TRIPLE THREAT: Wings of Desire

Runway designers fancied feathers this fall season, but it looks like we’re in for a winged spring as well. Designers like Louis Vuitton, Sonia Rykiel, and Roberto Cavalli showcased more feathered fun on the spring 2009 runways. Louis Vuitton designer Marc Jacobs created plumage sprouting from structural heels and feathered tassels accessorizing bags and belts. At Sonia Rykiel, Vegas-style feathered headdresses livened up the collection, and Roberto Cavalli used feathered fringe as a flapper-esque accent to the bottom of lacey dresses.

If the thought of feathers sounds a bit frightening, stick to feather details on accessories like headbands or necklaces to spice up your outfit without looking overdone. Consider these starter options to help your feather fancy:

As headgear:
Headband, $18, available at Some Girls Boutique
(Urban Outfitters also offers a great selection of feather headbands.)

As an accent for jewelry:

Earrings, $5.80, Forever 21
(For an easy DIY project, pick up some plumage and wire earring hooks from your local craft store and simply attached the feather to the bottom of the ear piece for a dangly effect.)

As a full ensemble:
Feather dress, $528, Sue Wong
(For a more understated look, try Juicy Couture’s feather accented LBD.