Wednesday, December 24, 2008

TRIPLE THREAT: Liquid Fashion

When I bought my first pair of liquid leggings in May of this year the ridicules rolled in as easily as I slipped off chairs when wearing them. But starlets Lindsay Lohan, Kate Beckinsale, and MK&A starting donning these slippery slacks and fashionistas followed. Pretty much every fashion item can be bought in liquid form these days. Donning liquid attire takes guts, but if you’re risky enough check out our three faves.

American Apparel’s Liquid backpack:

Whoever says backpacks are nerdy has clearly never laid her eyes on these stylish school bags. Not only is this backpack a fashionable way to carry books, pencils and lunches, but its double straps make carrying important items a lot easier. The days of walking on a slant from carrying heavy one-shoulder bags are over.

American Apparel’s Liquid Skirt:
These shiny minis come in 3 colors: purple, black and gold. It’s a sassed-up version of the 1990s denim mini-skirt. They look great paired with black opaque tights and high flat boots and a plain beater or T. For a little extra sex-appeal add some heels and a tube.

Members Only Black Liquid Leggings – The Mother of All things Liquid:
Liquid leggings are to regular leggings as glitter glue is to normal, old-fashioned, glue. They perform the same function but do so with pizzazz.
The pants add a little somethin’ somethin’ to the regular tank or T, and they can be dressed up with a great pair of booties or heels, or toned down with flats. After all, why be matt when you can shine?